Merica al "Living on a Border Tour"

Merica partecipa al
"Living on a Border" tour, tra Bologna, Ljubljana, Vienna e Londra.

Living on a Border is an international research and art project that deals with the migration issue in Europe - especially in the EU - and tries to demystify the migration phenomenon and clarify the situation in light of the fact that in public discourse migrations are usually understood as negative, threatening, or conflictual. In dissemination part of the project we use artistic, performative approach followed by multimedia installation Permanent Waiting Room to present results of the research process to wide public in all partner countries: Italy, Slovenia, Austria and the UK. Such demystification and clarification is especially important if we keep in mind that in the last decade migration processes have been increasing throughout all of Europe (primarily in the EU) and the USA (that is, in the entire so called "developed and prosperous, democratic and civilised western world"); these processes are simultaneously a product of and a threat to their governments. The fear of foreigners - as foreign workers from "the East"; as "uncivilised terrorists"; as so-called "illegal migrants"; as representatives of so-called "third world countries" whose cultures and traditions are "too different from ours"; as a source of difficulties (except in the case when their countries are cheap tourist destinations or when they are cheap occasional labour power) - is a consequence of non-understanding or not being well-informed about their political, social, and cultural condition. Furthermore, it is a collapse of emancipatory politics as a politics of radical equality of self and others. Precisely there - having in mind that the radical politics of equality has no arche (i.e. is anarchical) - we should search the origins of the deep institutional and latent xenophobia, nationalism, ethnocentrism, and cultural (neo)racism that we are facing.

per informazioni: www.livingonaborder.net

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